Children's Books

My Mommy Goes to College

I had the pleasure of working with author James Vander Hooven to illustrate his book My Mommy Goes to College, which tells the story of a girl named Jane as she processes the experience of having a parent who is also a full time student. The book is intended to be a tool for young mothers who are working toward a college degree to help them explain the importance of their education to their child. Click HERE to view the book in its entirety.

Jacob and the Magic Tea

Jacob and the Magic Tea is a book I wrote and illustrated about a young boy on a difficult quest. It explores ideas of personal development; how does one become strong, or become brave? Could the solution be found in a cup of magical tea?

Posters and Postcards

This section includes illustrated posters and postcards I have created, whether on commision or as personal endeavors. Included are an advertisement for the Ohio Youth Ensemble Stage, a postcard for Icelantic Skis, stargazing dinosaurs, Trick or Treating zombies, and a re-imagined cover of Mary Shelley’s classic novel.

Editorial Art

I created these editorial illustrations as personal exercises in conceptualization and execution. They are intended to accompany articles about the trajectory of Snapchat, the true nature of the lottery, and the future of artificial intelligence.

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